Curriculum Vision

At Djanogly Learning Trust, we believe that our children need a curriculum that promotes ambition and aspiration, through purposeful and rich experiences that broadens their perspectives on life.  We know that our children need a curriculum that embeds knowledge, expands vocabulary and captures their imagination.  We ensure that our curriculum provides the vital inspiration and challenge to give our children the confidence to choose and own their future.


At the Djanogly Learning Trust we ensure that all schools provide a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of the community they serves, ensuring children are equipped with the cultural capital they need to succeed and prosper.

Each curriculum is ambitious and promotes high aspirations for all, fulfilling the aims and intentions of the National Curriculum.

We expect that children are taught cumulatively; ensuring knowledge builds on previous learning and fits together cohesively.

Our curricular offer enrichment opportunities that widen children’s understanding and opens their eyes to new and unique experiences.

Reading remains at the heart of learning across our trust, it unlocks knowledge and creativity and our aim is for our children to leave us as educated citizens.


Across Djanogly Learning Trust each curriculum is delivered through:

  • A strong focus on pedagogy that is underpinned by educational research and evidence
  • High quality teaching that ensures children know more and remember more
  • Accessibility that ensures all children have opportunities to succeed with varying degrees of scaffolding
  • Engaging activities that allow for active learning
  • A strong programme of CPD which supports staff to develop deeper subject knowledge


We will know that our schools are delivering high standard of curriculum through measures such as:

  • Attainment and achievement outcomes
  • Standard of learning in books
  • Pupil voice
  • Destination data
  • Attendance data
  • Behaviour data

We know at the core of our intent, implementation and impact are children, pupils and scholars who all hold a passion and desire to learn. Our curriculum aims to build the tools for all our children to continue their journey, embed a lifelong love of learning and ultimately unlock doors to their own futures.

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