Our Offer


We believe that every child has the right to an education that gives them the best opportunity.

As specialists in education we know that many schools are finding themselves more and more isolated and unable to source high quality robust support. Under our structure we ensure that educational professionals can focus on our core purpose – educating our pupils, whilst professionals in their fields provide advice and service to ensure that every school is efficient, accountable and provides value for money.


We offer:

  • Strong partnership with an emphasis on the sharing of good practice and peer challenge, both within our Trust and in working with others
  • Creative and innovative ways of working
  • Provision of richer opportunities and career pathways for our staff
  • Collaborative approaches to professional development and practice
  • Clear focus on each school meeting the needs of its own community within our wider structure
  • Customer focused business support experts including: Estates, Finance, Governance & Compliance, Health & Safety, HR, IT, Risk Management and Media Relations
  • Centralised policies and computerised systems; making life much simpler for our schools, driving efficiencies and allowing more money to be invested on the front line


Learning Experiences and outcomes

At Djanogly Learning Trust we know that our core purpose as an academy trust is teaching and learning. We always aim for all our children to have a wide breadth of exciting and high quality learning experiences while they attend our academies.

We know that children learn in different ways and at Djanogly Learning Trust we provide a rich and varied curriculum that allows children to develop to their full potential. We use a variety of teaching strategies that include but are not limited to;

  • Investigation and problem solving
  • Research
  • Group and paired work
  • Creative activities
  • Trips and visitors to inspire
  • Debate, role play and oral presentations


We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning; to be involved as far as is possible in reviewing their learning and to reflect on how they learn best. Our teachers, teaching assistants and learning mentors work in close partnership to ensure that the learning needs of all children are met. Good practice is shared across individual academies and across the Trust as a whole. All staff have the opportunity to visit other settings and network with colleagues across the Trust.

Effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning for all children. We assess children regularly to inform teaching, provide feedback and communicate progress to the children themselves and their parents/carers. Assessment takes many forms from dialogue with individual children, to the marking of work and end of year tests. All forms are carried out in a supportive way to inform next steps for each child, class or cohort. It is incorporated systematically into teaching strategies in order to assess progress and diagnose need. Assessment is only effective if there is regular review, communicated and acted upon at all levels.

Business Support Services

Our School Business Toolkit contains a complete library of all the standard documents and templates needed to support the smooth running of our schools covering HR, health and safety, risk assessments, policies, governance and compliance.

Statutory policies are updated in line with DfE guidance for you to personalise to your school rather than you having to start from scratch.

We ensure key documents from HR letters to job descriptions, through to governance policies, risk assessments, health and safety information ………. The list is endless and under constant review. We create the templates for you to use. We share good practice across the Trust so that each individual school is not ‘reinventing the wheel’ each time.

If ever you do need something that isn’t there – just let us know and the research and work will be done for you – leaving you to focus on our core purpose of teaching and learning.