Djanogly Learning Trust

Every child is unique. In celebrating their differences, we recognise what they have in common – they all deserve an education that gives them the best opportunity to succeed and prosper.

This is our vision. We know that the care, encouragement and protection of families around them helps children to thrive. Djanogly Learning Trust is one such family.

It is the combination of our professional expertise and care, of challenge and compassion which defines us. We help our schools and pupils to aim high and work hard, to be resilient and kind.

We know what works, but that doesn’t mean we’re unwilling to try new things as we constantly strive to improve. Our role is to inspire excellence through teamwork and support. Within Djanogly Learning Trust, no one is alone.

This togetherness as a family is what gives us strength. Our schools are diverse, but they have a shared purpose to foster and fulfil the ambition of the communities they serve.

As a trust, we provide leadership, support and practical help for our academies, sharing best practice and ensuring they have the right skills and resources to succeed.

In short, we enable schools to focus on what’s most important – educating children. This is how they maintain strong identities of their own, while being part of something bigger.

We celebrate and nurture the power of difference, but together we’re even stronger. Like a family.

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