Djanogly Sherwood Academy staff and pupils celebrate Ofsted ‘good’ grade with ‘outstanding’ in personal development

March 6, 2023


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Djanogly Sherwood Academy staff and pupils celebrate Ofsted ‘good’ grade with ‘outstanding’ in personal development

Djanogly Sherwood Academy has been praised for its ambitious curriculum and being a school where pupils feel happy and everyone belongs.

The education watchdog Ofsted has graded the overall effectiveness of the school as ‘good’ following an inspection.

The publication of the Ofsted report on March 3rd, 2023, marks an important milestone for the school.

This is Djanogly Sherwood Academy’s first inspection since it opened in September 2014 to accommodate growing demand for pupil places in the local area.

Ofsted inspects schools according to five criteria and provides an overall effectiveness grading.

Djanogly Sherwood Academy was graded as ‘outstanding’ in one of the five inspection criteria: personal development.

It was graded ‘good’ in the other four criteria: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management and early years provision. Its overall effectiveness is ‘good’.

At Djanogly Sherwood Academy, which has 355 pupils, inspectors found that children are encouraged to have high aspirations.

Teachers, the report notes, have good subject knowledge and deliver interesting lessons.

Pupils learn to read quickly and there is an ambitious curriculum that is well sequenced and planned.

Inspectors have praised the school for ensuring that pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, those with English as an additional language and disadvantaged pupils are well provided for. Expectations for these pupils to achieve are high.

The report also notes that pupils say they feel safe and happy and they are highly respectful of one another and behave exceptionally well. The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

Hayley Keen, Headteacher, Djanogly Sherwood Academy, said: “We are absolutely delighted that overall Ofsted has graded us as a ‘good’ school following our first inspection and recognised that we are one where everyone belongs.”

She added: “It’s also a real credit to our pupils and staff that in one of the inspection criteria, personal development, we were graded as ‘outstanding’, supporting our children to become confident, responsible and thoughtful citizens who are considerate of those around them.”

The report also highlights:

  • The school is developing pupils beyond the academic. The school’s commitment to pupils’ personal development has been praised as exceptional. There are many opportunities for pupils to develop character.
  • Pupils understand the importance of diversity in their community. Assemblies broaden horizons and deepen cultural understanding.
  • Regular debate enables pupils to be tolerant and respectful of difference and of others. Pupils reflect wisely on what they learn.
  • The five ‘Rs’ ensure pupils have a mature understanding of respect, relationships, reflection, resilience and being resourceful and they develop into responsible and thoughtful citizens.
  • Governors understand their role. Staff feel cared for.

Djanogly Sherwood Academy is sponsored by Djanogly Learning Trust, which is a successful, growing multi academy trust that sponsors eight schools in the East Midlands.

Liz Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Djanogly Learning Trust, added: “This is a fantastic endorsement of staff and pupils at Djanogly Sherwood Academy and I would like to congratulate them on their success.”

The inspection took place on January 17th and 18th, 2023. To read the report, please visit Ofsted’s website.

Pictured: Hayley Keen, Headteacher, with pupils at Djanogly Sherwood Academy.

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