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Djanogly Learning Trust (DLT), through its new Sponsor Will Adderley, and Nova Education Trust (Nova) are pleased to announce that a new understanding and relationship has been agreed, as both parties work to shape the exciting future of Djanogly City Academy (DCA).

Damian Belshaw will continue to lead the DCA team as Principal and both Trusts are committed to building on the success DCA has secured over recent years. Indeed, DCA has recently been awarded an OFSTED 'Good' rating and is recognised as one of the most improved academies nationally for student learning progress. Our joint aim is to ensure this platform of success and stability continues to be built upon, as the new Sponsor develops their own signature on the academy.

The professional relationship that has developed between the two Trusts will hopefully continue for many years to come.

Finally, it is appropriate to recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff at DCA, led by Damian Belshaw and Dave Hooker and supported by the local governing body, without whom none of the improvements would have been possible. DLT and Nova are confident that we can realise the full potential of DCA as a true beacon of excellence for the benefit of the students and community we serve.

Liz Anderson – CEO – Djanogly Learning Trust

Tim Slade – Chair of Trustees – Djanogly Learning Trust


John Tomasevic – CEO – Nova Education Trust

John Mills – Chair of Trustees – Nova Education Trust

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