Djanogly Northgate Academy Create Pop Up Art Show

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Issue date: September 8th 2017


Pictured: Pupils at Djanogly Northgate Academy in Nottingham have created a pop up art show to celebrate the start of the new academic year.


Djanogly Northgate Academy Pupils Create Pop Up Art Show


Djanogly Northgate Academy pupils have put their artistic talents to the test to welcome the start of the new academic year.


Around 400 pupils have created a pop-up art show, which was on display to parents in the school hall this week marking the start of the new term.


The pupils have created a colourful set of mini houses from cardboard boxes decorated with paint, pen and tissue paper. A glitter path and some street signs run between the mini houses creating the feeling of an imaginary town.


Liz Anderson, Executive Headteacher, Djanogly Learning Trust, said: “At the start of each year, we set an innovative project to inspire our pupils and get them ready for learning.


“Each class was asked to design and make a mini cardboard house based on different imaginative themes and the concept of creating a world of their own. The houses have been put together as a pop up art installation in the school hall.”


She added: “We’ve had a lot of positive comments from parents, who were invited to see the display, as well as pupils who’ve said that it’s been an exciting and magical experience for them.”


The pop up project has been inspired by a book called A World of Your Own by Laura Carlin, which takes children on a journey through an imaginary world. Lighting and music were also included in the art display at Djanogly Northgate Academy, based on Suez Street, to add to the sense of atmosphere.

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