Consultation to increase the number of places at Langley Mill Academy

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Consultation to increase the number of places at the academy

Consultation Period 6.11.18 to 30.11.18


This letter is to invite your views on our proposal to increase the pupil admission number (PAN) of Langley Mill Academy.  The proposed expansion in PAN is in response to the rise in demand for places in the community due in part to new housing developments.


We have had a request from Derbyshire Local Authority to provide more school places for the increasing number of children who require junior school provision. 


The Academy is proposing to increase the PAN from 70 to 90 pupils for year 3 admissions.  All other admission arrangements will remain the same


Derbyshire County Council have approved capital spend to build three additional classes on the school site, with a fourth classroom created from internal remodelling.  Governors and academy leaders have approved the plans which will not detract significantly from the wealth of outdoor space the academy currently enjoys.  They will be built to the left of the school building but will not impact on the current two football pitches.


Comments relating to our proposals should be sent to:


Email:   Please put ‘Consultation’ in the subject line

Address: LMA Consultation, Bailey Brook Cres, Langley Mill, NG16 4FZ.

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